Who Is A Front End and Back End Web Developer?

Website Development consists of two terms: Front-end development and Back-end development. These two terms are still not perfectly clear to many and creates confusion. They are terms often used to describe aspects of the web industry. Web Designing and web development leads to a discussion around front-end and back-end development. Let’s try to understand the basic difference between front-end developer and back-end developer.

Front-End Developer:

Front-end web development is the practice of producing CSS, JavaScript and HTML for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them without any issues. The problem associated with front end development is that the techniques and tools used to create the front end of a website change constantly, so the developer needs to constantly check how the field is developing.

The main objective of designing a site is to ensure that when the users open up the site they see the information in a format that is user friendly. This is much more complicated by the fact that users now use a multiple variety of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions thus the designer has to take into consideration these aspects when designing the site. The site should be responsive. They need to ensure that their site opens up nicely in different browsers (cross-browser), different operating systems (cross-platform) and different devices (cross-device), which requires careful planning and monitoring on the side of the developer.

Back-End Developer:

A back-end developer is programmer who develops the logical back-end and core computational logic of a website, software or information system. The developer creates components and features that are accessed by a user at the front-end application or system.

Back-end developers develop and maintain the core functional logic & operations of a software application or information system. Typically, a back-end developer has expert programming skills in C++, C, Java and some other high-level programming languages.

The key function of back-end web development is to ensure that the data or services requested by the front-end system or software are delivered through programmatic means. Back-end developers also develop and maintain the entire back-end of a system, which consists of the core application logic, databases, data and application integration, API and other back-end processes. Moreover, a back-end developer also does the testing and check for any bugs presents in back-end application or system. 


Wordpress is a perfect example of both front-end and back-end working together because Wordpress is an open-sourced framework built on PHP that you have to install on your server with a database. Designers then customize the look and functionality of WordPress sites using CSS, JQuery and JavaScript according to the need. Many Website Development Companies work on both front-end web development and back-end web development to meet the requirements of clients.

I hope this has helped many of you get a clear picture of both the frontend and the backend of the web, as well as about web design as opposed to web development.

The lines between web design and web development seem to get more and more blurred on a daily basis, but fundamentally they are still very separate.