What Makes A Great Website, Trends In 2018

A website, acts as the first source of contact for a visitor and provides all the necessary information to convert them into potential customers. We believe that a good website design should be able to attract, retain and engage with its viewers, instigating  them to enquire, and eventually converting them into customers.

Two important attributes for designing  a great website are Engaging Design and Informative Content.

Let us understand both these points in depth for designing an excellent website.


Vibrant Color Schemes:

Colors used in a website design should be appropriate with the type of business and set up feeling that follows the branding. One cannot simply pick out a color that we like; there should be some connection or relevancy in choosing the colors of a website.


Quality Images:

Images have a great impact on the website design so it is necessary to use high quality images. Most reputed web designing agencies purchase and download royalty-free images from stock banks such as 123RF, Shutterstock, Pixabay and others giving an attractive look to the website architecture without much investment.


Fast Loading Site:

While people are becoming less patient day-by-day, a website architecture should be as such; it should load  at a blink of an eye.

The site must load quickly to avoid autoplay of video and audio content, especially for those supported by Flash. You only have 5-8 seconds to convince a visitor to stay, so make sure that counts; don’t make them wait.


Animations and Illustrations

More websites are moving from static images and experimenting with newer ideas like animations and illustrations to make their website design more engaging. Animation is a great tool for story-telling or creating a brand story.  Small animations help attract  visitors and deliver greater user experience on the page. On the other Hand, Illustrations are great versatile media for creating images that can add an element of fun to a site.


Broken Grids Layouts:

The appeal of the asymmetrical layout is that it is distinctive, unique and sometimes experimental. In the designer’s never ending quest to search for more creative and engaging layouts, the grid we’ve always relied on to bring harmony and logic to our layouts has itself become a kind of constraint.



Fonts have always been a powerful visual tool, able to generate the personality of a website while passing on important information to the user. And now, since device resolutions are increasingly  getting easier to read, the expectation of the use of custom fonts are also increasing. The trend of using large letters, contrasting sans serif and serif headings help create dynamic parallels, improve User Experience and best of all, keep the visitor engaged with your website.


 Mobile Friendly:

When everyone is shifting their interests from desktop or laptop to mobile devices, websites should also be mobile friendly in such a way that it becomes easy to access all the functions of the website in mobile without any discrepancies. Responsive web designs should carefully be considered   as that will open the interface of the website on the various devices it is ported to.



“First Impression Is The Last Impression”. A great web design represents a great brand. People are attracted to aesthetically looking websites that load quickly and have attractive fonts and colors.

Are you and your website matching up to the standards of 2018? If not, then start today.